Best Lawn Mower Guide 2016 – Lawnmower Reviews

There is nothing like a home with your own garden to it. But what really makes your garden beautiful and worthwhile is not the size but the right care of the lawn. Therefore you need to find the lawn mower that is best suitable for your garden. In our ultimate guides and reviews to the best and most popular lawn mowers we will show you how to find a lawn mower that fits your needs and budget.

The following are the most popular lawn mowers of 2016:

3 Best Walk Behind Lawn Mowers:

3 Best Ridable Tractor Lawn Mowers:

The Different Types of Lawn Mowers 2016

There are many different types of lawn mowers for every need and garden size currently available in the market. They greatly vary in size and features which significantly makes it easier to find the right solution for your exact requirements: You can get to select from manual types, to gas powered and even electric mowers, which largely depends on your budget and personal inclinations. Generally, the primary factor you ought to reflect on when contemplating to purchase a lawn mower is the size of your yard.

Let us take a look at some of the most common types of these machines:

Electric lawn mowers

Electric Lawn MowersElectric lawn mowers present plenty of advantages when compared to the traditional gas powered machines. It has been estimated that approximately 17 million gallons of gasoline is spilled annually with the utilization of gas lawn mowers from around the globe. This gas has been established to find its way into ground water and polluting it. Not even mentioning all the air pollution. Electric lawn mowers produce no emissions, an attribute that has drawn many environmentally conscious homeowners to prefer them over the gas varieties. These machines also require less maintenance than the gas machines and you will never have to change oil and fuel filters or spark plugs. You can find more information in our list of the Top 10 Best Electric Lawn Mowers.

Gas lawn mowers

Self propelled gas behind push lawn mowersThese lawn mowers come with a system that permits them to self propel in a forward motion on your lawn. Therefore, gas mowers allow you to quite simply walk behind such a machine to steer it in the direction you want. Typically, you get to choose from front wheel drive or rear wheel drive models. The first is suitable for relatively flat lawns. While rear wheel drive varieties can be adapted to a wide variety of terrains, which includes those that are characterized by stubborn grass or bumps. You can find more information in our list of the Top 10 Best Gas Lawn Mowers.

Cutting deck riding lawn mowers

Cutting deck riding lawn mowersThe riding lawn mowers are popular for their unmatched ease of use and also present many advantageous functionality that have made them popular with many homeowners. These machines come with a sitting deck, and pedal drivers. This makes it infinitely convenient and hassle-free to work mow your lawn. You can also be able to attach diverse attachment to these machines for a wide range of purposes. There are attachments for spreading grass seed and fertilizer and others for dethatching or breaking the ground. You can find more information in our list of the Top 10 Best Riding Lawn Mowers.

Lawn mowers with removable battery

Lawn mowers with removable batteryThis type of these machines is a variant of the electric powered varieties. For the most part it can be either run on a lithium ion or lead acid rechargeable battery that can be detached from it whenever it gets depleted. The main advantage of such lawn mowers is the fact that they are cordless. This permits you to make use of them over a large swath of your lawn without having to worry about their mobility. With newer and newer innovations been introduced in the market, a top quality brand of these machines can be in an excellent position of mowing up to 1/3 of an acre per charge. This however, largely depends on the height of the grass you are working on.

Hand reel push lawn mowers

Push Reel Lawn MowerThese types of lawn mowers are manual and require some amount on the your part to operate them. Unlike the powered varieties that chop and tear grass, these ones snipe at it in much the same way as a pair of scissors would. This usually presents a professionally looking manicured lawn. These machines are also noted for their environmental friendliness along with their smooth and quiet operation. They are also the most affordable type of these products currently in the market.


Electric start finish cut trial mowers

Electric start finish cut trial mowersThis kind of lawn mower are widely acclaimed for their time efficient attributes. With them you can mow your lawn in a very rapid manner. This speed does not in any way compromise the quality and comprehensive nature of such tasks. Some of the most notable features of these products include variable cutting height functionality, operating blade engagement / disengagement and side discharge.

Zero turn radius lawn mowers

Zero turn radius lawn mowersThese lawn mowers are characterized by having a turning radius of 0, which is the main reason they are named as such. They are operated by two levers that go a long way in enhancing their maneuverability in any given direction. These levers control the motors of the wheels, which permits the user to effectually maneuver around any obstacles in a quick manner. Unlike those products that feature a steering wheel, this type are known to be ore ergonomic.

Mulching lawn mowers

Mulching lawn mowersA mulching lawn mower makes use of rotary grass cutting blades that are designed to chop grass into fine clippings, which are ultimately blown back to the ground. These clippings known as mulch then quickly broken down by microorganisms found in the soil , which permits the release of nutrients back into the ground. This process can significantly improve the health and excellent growth of the turf in your lawn. That is brought about by the minimizing of moisture evaporation and also the regulation of the soil.

The manual kind of mowers are considered to be ideal for smaller, even lawns. While self propelled varieties, whether powered by gas or electricity are deemed to be appropriate for much larger yards that feature uneven or hilly terrain.

There are also environmental issues that can guide your decision. The electric type of these machines are widely acclaimed for their environmental friendliness, most especially when compared to the gas powered kinds.

Finally, the cost of these products can also be a mitigating factor when it comes to choose the right one for your distinct needs. Electric lawn mowers come at a significantly steeper price tag than the gas varieties, while manual push products are at the bottom end of this spectrum.

5 Best Lawn Mower Brands

These days lawn mowers come in a wide range of categories that offer varying features and specifications. There are gas powered, electric and even manual varieties of these products. From which you can select the appropriate one that fits into your requirements, budget and preferences. As would be expected there are diverse brands of these machines, which are currently available in the market. This can definitely make it a somewhat challenging task to choose the right product. However, with some due diligence and patience you can still be in an excellent position of pinpointing the best lawn mower for your distinct needs.

Should you be on the lookout for the ideal lawn mower the following is a review of 5 of the most reputable brands you could settle for.


greenworks lawn mowersGreenWorks is highly renowned for its range of electric lawn mowers, most of which are cordless, and are powered by rechargeable batteries. This offers an uncommon mobility that you will definitely appreciate. These products feature wide cutting decks (usually 21”), which significantly minimize the number of passes you have to make while mowing your lawn. They also come with adjustable cutting height settings that enables you to easily customize them to your exact requirements. Many a GreenWorks lawn mower also integrate this company’s auto power adjustment functionality. This feature works by monitioring the power required to mow your lawn and automatically adjusts itself accordingly. See also: Top 10 Best GreenWorks Lawn Mowers.


lawnboy lawn mowersLawn-Boy machines are generally gas powered, and most fall under the self propelled category of lawn mowers. This infinitely minimizes the force you have to exert while operating them. It also enables you to conveniently steer them in the direction you desire. These products also come with oversized wheels that integrate the rear wheel drive mode. This permits you to seemingly glide over your lawn and easily navigate around obstacles whether your lawn is flat or bumpy. Most of these machines integrate the 3in1 feature, which means that you can mulch, bag or side discharge grass clippings. Some of the newest Lawn-Boy products incorporate an electric start function that does away with the pull-start method.

Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro Lawn MowersMany a Poulan lawn mower are gas powered. They also feature large steel cutting decks (usually 21”) that can create sufficient vacuum, which lifts the cutting blades and facilitates for accurate and clean cuts. These machines come with variable cutting height settings as well as overhead valves. The latter of which enable them to deliver more power. Most of the very best Poulan lawn mowers integrate the 3in1 trend, and can mulch, side discharge or bag grass clippings.


lawnmaster lawn mowersThis brand is widely acclaimed for its excellent walk behind mowers that only require you to steer them in the direction you desire across your lawn. They are also noted for their compact nature, which makes them easy to maneuver. These products also come with adjustable grass cutting heights, large collection bags and large rust resistant wheels. However, their cutting decks are significantly smaller (usually 15” wide) than most other brands and they are also corded. The latter feature makes these lawn mowers deal for much smaller lawns.


husqvarna lawn mowersThis firm is renowned for its exceptional gas powered lawn mowers. Many of which adhere to the 3in1 functionality, which permits them to be utilized for mulching, side discharge or bagging of grass clippings. These products come with high wheels that integrate the all-wheel drive feature. This greatly enhances their maneuverability across lawns. Some of the best Husqrarna lawn mowers also feature blade brakes clutches.

The gas powered and electric kinds of these products are undeniably the most popular, and each of them present a different set of advantages over the other. To begin with, the electric varieties are highly noted for their environmental friendliness. These machines don’t produce any emissions, which can make them the preferred choice if you are environmental conscious. They are also known to necessitate minimal maintenance as there are no oil or fuel filters to change.

These mowers are also widely acclaimed for their quiet and smooth operations, which have endeared them to quite a large number of homeowners. The gas powered lawn mowers on their part are noted for the unmatched power they deliver that ensures a comprehensive mowing experience. These products are also much affordable than the electric types.